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Photography by Dianna Snape

Arden Street

A stunning renovation of a 19th century cottage on a challenging land-locked site in Melbourne’s inner west. From the street it sits conscious of its neighbours and surrounds as a solid, contained and almost camouflaged residence, expertly restored and settled in.

The new addition is visible only over the top of the existing façade, respectfully set back and designed to come alive at night when it acts as a residential ‘light-box’, casting warmth outward from the home through an engineered ornamental screen - a beautifully considered translation of the cast iron lacework on the restored Victorian verandah.

The home is open, light, and spacious – these qualities are rare to find in a Victorian cottage and are revealed in the design and spatial planning as you pass through the interior and into the generous and impressively engineered rear extension.


Master Builders Awards
2022 Winner | Victoria - Best Renovation/Addition | $750k - $1M
2022 National Finalist | Master Builders Australia

IDEA Awards
2022 Shortlisted | Residential Single