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Photography - Martina Gemmola

Stylist - Ruth Welsby


Spectacular, bold and unashamedly confident. At the end of the day, Ponds is undoubtedly joyous in its design.

The plan retains a large portion of the existing building, simplifying the layout and correcting level changes throughout. As put by the architect, the brief was to “perform open heart surgery” on the prestigious double fronted Art Deco duplex, removing the scar tissue of past renovations and to create a family home that celebrates the playful ornamentation of the original 1930’s era.

The front facade formally maintains the distinguished and distinctive rhythms of the period, while the rear presents a contemporary and courageous reinterpretation in polychromatic brickwork. Throughout the building, the home cleverly connects inside and out, old and new.


ArchiTeam Awards
2020 Winner | Brickworks Materiality Award


Green Magazine
Issue: 88 | Front Cover Spread | Feature - pp. 50-56
Flow Chart – Moonee Ponds Art Deco Duplex Alteration

Architecture AU
A feeling of joyful exuberance: Wowowa Architecture